EPTE ® Official Centers

EPTE® Official Centres: more than 1000 clinics and hospitals are already part of the EPTE® family. 

In this interactive map, you can find the closest EPTE® Official Center and easily contact the clinic you prefer. You can click on the link to the website of the clinic or contact them by phone or e-mail. An EPTE® Official Center is the one that has at least one Percutaneous Electrolysis Therapy EPTE® device and a professional trained by our teachers.

EPTE® is the revolutionary technique that uses invasive painless physiotherapy and the EPTE® machine has CE certificate.

Get your life back with EPTE®,                                          

If you’re a sanitary professional willing to be an EPTE® Official Centre, write to contact@ionclinics.com to discover how to acquire an EPTE® Percutaneous Electrolysis device.

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