The EPTE® percutaneous electrolysis training will be back in London next 27th and 28th January. The first EPTE® percutaneous electrolysis course in the UK, with therapist from 10 different nationalities, was a great experience. The professor of this first EPTE® course in London was Álvaro Fernández Rolle. This was the course number 140, and the 10th country where EPTE® did organized a course. The cooperation of the physiotherapist Ms Sara Ayala and the London Healthcare clinic centre was of great importance as this initiative could became real and will repeate in January.

The EPTE® course in London make possible for therapist living in the UK and Ireland, and also from another areas as Eastern Europe, Emirates or Canada, to be taught in that technique. Afther this first EPTE® course in London, near to 3.000 professionals took part in some of the different EPTE® course edition. On the other hand, there are more than 1,000 EPTE® official centres(clinics and hospitals)  in 17 different countries.

The EPTE® percutaneous electrolysis training scheduled in London  assembled an international group of therapists from different countries who showed interest in the EPTE® percutaneous electrolysis training and EPTE® technique since some months ago. In the next video some of these students tell us their opinion (You could come to the next edition  of the EPTE® course in the UK):

Testimonios del curso EPTE en Londres

The application of technique is justified based on the scientific evidence about electrolysis

The professor of the EPTE® course in London

The professor in this EPTE® percutaneous electrolysis course in London was Álvaro Fernández Rolle, physiotherapist and graduated in Physical Activity and Sport Science. Professor Rolle was already the trainer in the EPTE® course in Switzerland, Advanced course in Spain, percutaneous electrolysis treatment for the feet). Álvaro Fernández Rolle worked as a professor at the University Camilo José Cela de Madrid and he is the physiotherapist manager in the Ionclinics clinic in Spain. We worked in the University Hospital Puerta de Hierro, Madrid.

The program for the EPTE® courses has been developed by the EPTE® team of research and teaching and it is manily focused in tendinopathies treatment, with a review of the scientific evidence, clinical reasoning and the applications of the EPTE® percutaneous electrolysis technique.

Some of the students of the The EPTE® course in London come from the United Kingdom but also from Canada, United Araba Emirates, Ireland, Polland, New Zealand, Australia, Lebanon, Brazil and Spain. Some of them travelled to London on purpose to follow the international reference course in percutaneous electrolysis.

The next dates for the new EPTE® course in United Kingdom is 27th and 28 January, and also in another countries (the Netherlands, 10th and 11th edition, Polland, 1st edition, Switzerland, 2nd edition, Mexico, 9th edition). You could find all the courses in:

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