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EPTE a FIBO 2017

FIBO 2017: EPTE® participation

FIBO 2017, the fitness convention leader in Europe and known all around the world has come to its end and the EPTE® team is back to our headquarters in Valencia. They have been 4 challenging and exciting days, full of visits and interest, questions and answers, new ideas and some gratifications. We come back home happy and with a lot of ideas in our head, looking forward to accomplish them! 1… 2… 3… 🏆💪🏻 Hall 8/E05 #fibo2017 #fibo #epte #epteinertialconcept…

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5 reason to visit a physiotherapist periodically

5 reasons why you should visit a physiotherapist – EPTE®

The physiotherapist labour is really important for the ones that practice sport as well as for everyone else. Nowadays practicing sport, by one-self or in a group, is a increasing trend and there are more and more people trying to improve the quality of their life. Here is an advice about why you should visit a physiotherapist. Find a physiotherapist: “Prevention is better than cure” As you increase the practice of sport, you will also boost the risk of injuries. And here is where…

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riding the bike instead of taking the car

Riding the bike: a good vice

The european mobility week remind us about the advantages of using alternative means of transport, as for instance riding the bike. It is a healthy habit with a lot of benefits: it improves heart rhythm, strengthens muscles, avoids pollution and can make you know people. Ride the bike is one of the alternatives to leave the car at home and to take all the advantages of using the bicycle. In this article we tell you about them. Riding the bike is something that arrived late,…

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Eccentric Training with the new inertial device EPTE

Eccentric training: rehabilitation and prevention

About eccentric training and prevention and rehabilitation of injuries, Joaquin Calatayud (researcher and doctor in Sciences of Physical Activity and Sport) and Jose Casaña (Professor and Doctor of Physiotherapy) wrote this text. Many injuries happen during the eccentric phase of the exercise or in the transition between the eccentric and concentric phase.

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