EPTE® stimulates the body’s automatic repair process

EPTE® treatment initiates a highly localised inflammatory response that stimulates the body’s automatic repair process to generate new healthy tissue, without drug use.


Minimal patient discomfort

EPTE® applies low-intensity microcurrents through an acupuncture needle.
The low intensity current, measured only in microamperes, guarantees the effectiveness and safety of the electrolysis treatment.

Get your life back

Tendinopathies can take you away from sport, training, normal exercise and everyday physical activity. Percutaneous Electrolysis Therapy brings pain and movement restrictions to an end.



Regain pain free movement

EPTE®, Percutaneous Electrolysis Therapy is fast and effective in a significant majority of tendinopathies, even chronic ones.
The average length of treatment is just 5 weeks.


High Patient Satisfaction

Clinical studies and growing experience show Percutaneous Electrolysis Therapy’s superior success rate.
EPTE® is effective for the treatment and recovery of tendinopathies in all patients, ranging from people with sedentary lifestyles right through to elite sports people.


Backed up by a team of professionals

EPTE® is supported by an extensive team of professionals, continued research and development, and excellent customer service.


EPTE® is the newest and most effective technique against tendinopathies
First percutaneous electrolysis device with low-intensity microcurrents with sanitary CE


The courses are taught by health professionals and therapists with extensive professional background and experience in the use of EPTE®.

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EPTE® devices are covered by two year manufacturer’s warranty against defects.
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Our clients are our number one priority.

We will give you a solution in 48 hours.
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Quality, continuos improvement and innovation are some of EPTE® values.
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Fco. Luis Garrido

Physiotherepist and Osteopath with Xanit hospital in Valencia, Spain

“I had patients who I had treated with conventional techniques without much improvement. With EPTE® I have achieved improvements in clients I had given up hope on’.

Pablo Pérez-Manglano

Fisioterapeuta de la Clínica 'Las Arcadias' de Valencia

Entre los pacientes que he recuperado con éxito gracias a la EPTE® hay un joven que, tras sufrir un accidente, presentaba (durante 4 años) un fuerte dolor en un hombro que le reducía la movilidad. Tras una sesión con la EPTE® el dolor remitió. Después de una segunda sesión y junto con los ejercicios excéntricos el paciente se recuperó al 100%.”


Jorge López Marco (Tote)

Soccer player with Real Madrid, Real Valladolid, Málaga and Hércules clubs

“I was treated with EPTE® after suffering an injury to both Achilles tendons due to a chronic tendinopathy. I experienced excellent results. I was able to recover in record time.”

Sergio Martínez Mantecón

Midfield soccer player with Hércules, Castellón y Elche teams in the Spanish League

“I suffered a total tear of the proximal semimembranosus muscle. Through EPTE® treatment I was able to avoid surgery, which would have sidelined me for a long time. Luckily I have been able to continue training and enjoying my profession.”

Juan Carlos Sánchez Martínez

Villarreal CF Goal keeper (Spanish football League)

“I was treated of an epycondilitis which last for several months. I hardly could move my arm, and I was suffering from external elbow pain. I tried different options (infiltrations, rehabilitation, ultra-sounds,…) everything but surgery. Thanks to EPTE® technique, I was able to get back quickly to competition”.

Andy Cartagena

Experienced bullfighter (rejoneador) Alicante (Spain)

“Every single “Bull ring” is unique. I was treated with EPTE® technique by my physiotherapist, as I was suffering from a tendon injury in my foot. That pain disables me for working. I got over the injury. I was recovered very fast and I have never feel pain any more in that tendon.”

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